Dental Insurance

Your dental insurance plan is designed to share in your dental expenses. While most plans cover preventative treatments in full, this is not always the case.  There will be times when preventative care is not the treatment that you may need and your dental insurance plan may not cover the total cost of your treatment.  However, most dental insurances pay a minimum for your treatment, and the coverage is usually between 50 and 80 percent of the total dental services.  Please understand that every case is different, and every insurance provider has different plan rules.  We do our best in estimating the cost to the patient prior to treatment; however, the determination of your portion is unfortunately not up to us.  The good news is that with the help of dental benefits, the amount you have to pay is greatly reduced.  

We accepts a wide variety of dental insurance plans.  If you do not see your insurance on this list, please contact our office, we file with a great number of insurance plans and this listing is not inclusive. Some of the insurance plans currently accepted by our office are as follows:

  • United Concordia
  • Blue Cross
  • Blue Sheild 
  • Humana PPO 
  • Delta Dental 
  • Met Life 

We do not accept any medicare, medicaid or HMO plans. We are not a provider of Aetna dental insurance; however we will still file the claim. This means that there may be out of network fees and they may not cover 100% of any service. Please contact your insurance prior to your appointment for more information.

Alemar Dental Discount Plan

For our patients without insurance, we offer a discount plan. It is not insurance, it is a membership to our office for a discount on our services. This plan is only valid for those without any insurance plan. Check out the link for more infomation. 


On occasion, a treatment you need may not be covered under your dental plan.  Dr. Alemar will never recommend any treatment that is not in your best interest, treatment may still be necessary even though your plan does not include it in your coverage.  We understand that in these times you have to make budgeting decisions.  In your decision making process, you should consider the long-term consequences and cost of not completing or delaying a recommended treatment.  It would be a mistake to make your insurance benefits the sole consideration for decisions about dental treatment.

One thing you can be sure of is that your dentist knows what is best for your teeth, and people who have lost their teeth say they would pay any amount to get them back. 

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